Custom art work or profiles


If you have an aircraft in mind and you would like a one-of-a-kind profile it is possible to make you a custom print. I am available for custom profile artwork or logo design at reasonable rates based on the hours it takes to do a profile or logo. A typical profile starting from scratch takes 40 to 60 hours, if you just want one of an existing aircraft with a different livery that can take 8-20 hours depending on the subject and complexity. You must supply proper images for custom work, if I have to do research on it, that can be very time consuming and expensive.

Custom profile work is NOT refundable, and $200 deposit must be made. Profile will be supplied when it is paid for.

I am based in Toronto, Canada. My rates are however in US dollars due to currency constant fluctuations. Please note I have no control of Canadian Postal rates.




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