Welcome to my site

My aircraft profiles illustrate both modern or vintage aircraft from several countries, all exceptionally detailed. A wide variety from International to Canadian, former to current teams, and some rare one-of-a-kind experimental aircraft. My profiles are made from photographs and from historical research of the types. I aim for accuracy within the limitations of the original source and scale of the subject. They are all original, made with Photoshop, I do not use a drawing tablet only a mouse. All available profiles designed for 13x19" prints roughly 45x30cm, and are usually reduced from slightly larger working originals. My keen eye for detail, as well as my fondness for aviation since I was 6 years old, when I flew in an aircraft for the first time, combined with my photography skills and artistic background give a unique perspective to all my work. For 9 years I was involved with illustrations and layout design for The Aviation Magazine, a free online publication.

My aircraft profile work is well recognized by current and former pilots of Aerobatic Teams worldwide and by those whose aircraft I made profiles of. Recently I won a worldwide competition with my F-16 MLU profile for the Stingers 1st Sqn of the Belgian Air Force.

I am available for custom profile or logo artwork at reasonable rates based on the hours it takes a profile. Please see link above for custom work.