Aircraft profiles


My profiles are listed by types, click on links to see the image, to buy a print click here


A-10 East Demo

A-10 West Demo

Alpha Jet Patrouille de France #5 USA Tour in the air


Bf-109G Luftwaffe

Bf-109G-10 Hungarian


Canadair Sabre 5 Hawk One RCAF

CF-18 Century 2009 Demo RCAF

CF-18 Centenial 2017 Demo RCAF

CT-142 Gonzo RCAF

CT-144 Century RCAF

CT-156 Harvard II RCAF

Curtis Hawk H-75 (P-36) EC LaFayette

CV-7A Buffalo US ARMY


DH 100 Vampire EC LaFayette in the air

DH 100 Vampire Patrouille de France on the ground

Dewoitine D.500 EC LaFayette

DHC-5 Buffalo RCAF


F-15E Strike Eagle Demo

F-16AM 1st Squadron "Stingers" 100th Anniversary in the air BAF

F-16AM 1st Squadron "Stingers" 100th Anniversary on the ground BAF


F/A-18F Super Hornet VFA-103 Jolly Rogers US Navy

F-84G Patrouille de France

Fouga CM.170 Patrouille de France


Heinkel H170 Hungarian


JAS39 Gripen std HUAF

Jas39 Gripen armed HUAF

JAS39 NATO Tiger Meet 2016 HUAF


Marton XV Hungarian

Marton XV grey camo Hungarian

Marton XV green camo Hungarian

ME 210CA1 Hungarian

Me 210CA1 with 40mm Bofors Hungarian

MD.450 Ouragan Patrouille de France

MD.454 Mystere Patrouille de France

MS225 Patruille d'Etampes

MS230 Patruille d'Etampes

MS230 Armée de l'air

MS406 EC LaFayette


Nieuport 11 EC LaFayette

North American Harvard MK4 No 422 RCAF

North American Harvard II 1941 original No54 RCAF

North American Harvard II 1941 CHAA logo


OV-1 Mohawk


P-40 EC LaFayette

P-47 EC LaFayette


Rafale Marine NATO Tiger Meet 2016

Rafale Marine NATO Tiger Meet 2017


S4V Patruille d'Etampes


VM-23 Ezust Nyil Hungarian





PAF propeller driven ones from 1931-1951

PAF Jets from 1951-1981